Understanding Impact Test

Mar 15, 2023 | NEWS

Today, on Linkedin, we talk about Impact test and how the alloy characteristics can influence the absorbed kinetic energy.

The Sider Test laboratory has two Charpy pendulums that can operate in parallel and guarantee high daily productivity. The laboratory is equipped with three cryostats and a Dewar to work in ethyl ether or liquid nitrogen. We have recently equipped ourselves with dedicated equipment to work with liquid helium at -269°C and to be able to carry out impact tests up to temperatures close to absolute 0.

The main test methods that can be implemented are: NF A 03-161, ASME BPVC.IX QW-170, ASTM A370 § 20÷29, ASTM E23, ASTM A923 method B, ISO 148-1 and many others, all accredited according to ISO 17025.

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