Micrographic examination by means of optical or scanning electron microscope allows to get information about the metallographic structure, the grain-boundary configuration and the distribution of the phases or to detect the presence of a defect in a specimen.

According to the different materials, the standards provide several methods for the chemical or electrocheical etching of specimens. These shall be grinded, polished and mounted by means of resin before they are placed on the microscope stage. Photomicrographs of the magnified metal surfaces are taken and then examined by metallographic technicians.


  • ASTM E3 + ASTM E407, preparation of metallographic samples and micrography on metallic materials
  • EN 1321, microscopic examination of the welds
  • EN ISO 17639, microscopic examination of the welds
  • EN ISO 15614-1, microscopic examination of the welds
  • ISO 3887
  • ISO 945-1
  • ASTM A262 Practice A
  • ASTM A763 Practice W
  • ISO 17639
  • ASTM B577
  • NF A 05-150 § 3 e § 4
  • ASTM E3 + ASTM E407


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