The pitting corrosion test and duplex stainless steels

Apr 19, 2023 | NEWS

Today, on Linkedin, we are talking about localized corrosion and in particular about the phenomenon where it finds its maximum manifestation, namely pitting corrosion. This takes place in oxidizing environments rich in chlorides and affects both austenitic steels and biphasic steels such as duplex. The latter due to their wide use in the chemical field are regularly tested through standards such as ASTM A923, ASTM A1084 or ASTM G48 to verify their resistance to pitting.

The Sider Test laboratory has several tanks capable of accommodating up to 100 specimens simultaneously and regularly conducts qualification tests according to ISO 17781 dedicated to duplex steels used for the petrochemical industry.

The main test methods that can be implemented are: ASTM G48 METHODS A-C-E, ASTM A923 METHOD A and C, ASTM A1084 METHOD A and C and many others, all accredited according to ISO 17025.


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