More speed and accuracy for chemical analysis

Jan 10, 2022 | NEWS

A new spectrometer, an optical and a mass ICP for an upgrated Check anlaysis Lab.

A few months ago, to complete the range of chemical analysis services offered, the laboratory was equipped with modern and technological Agilent ICP instruments. An ICP OES and an ICP-MS that allow our technicians to carry out analyzes on items with irregular shapes or powders or chips through microwave mineralization. The accuracy of these equipments is considerably higher than normal spark applications working in the solid state.

To respond to emergencies, to reduce response times and to improve the accuracy of our chemical analyzes, a new SPECTROLAB S01 spectrometer marked Ametek has now become part of our laboratory equipment, alongside the SPECTROLAB M10 which is still accurate and performing.

The renewal of the instrumentation was necessary to guarantee the continuity of the service as well as to cope with the workload of the laboratory and to provide customers with accurate results even faster. Every year our technicians carry out more than 10 thousand chemical analyzes and Sider test could not fail to invest in modern technologies for this important laboratory sector.


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